Monday, April 29, 2013

Hervey Boat Club

We had lunch before going into the other room to where the raffles were being held. Some of our group came home with prizes. I'm sorry I will have to miss the next two trips due to other commitments at home.

A Nursery Near Hervey Bay

A beautiful set out display of plants, and statues, on display at the nursery. I clicked while the others spent their money. Have cut back on some of my gardening. But I like to look at what is out there.

Morning Tea at Childers

Toilet stop and morning tea in a park in Childers. We were on a bust trip to Hervey Bay.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buss Park, Bundaberg.

Taken in Buss Park, yesterday. Such a beautiful array of Marigolds, and some roses. I suppose I shouldn't say but, as yet, the vandals have left them alone this year, so far. Usually, they are pulled out, or squashed. Hope no storms come to destroy them.

Taken During January floods

These were taken in January,2013, during the floods we had. I am luck the water disappeared when the rain stopped. Others less fortunate lost their home. Some sunk into the ground. Washed away never to be found. Some home are still vacant due to all the work which has to be done. Others may never return to have to face the same problems in the next floods.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Storm Brewing.

These I took the other night when a storm was headed out way. In the taking of these I realized how alive those electrical wires were. I could see the energy running along the wires by looking  through the camera. I couldn't see it by just looking at the wire. That led me to wondering how the birds can sit on them without being zapped. Must be more rain headed this way...the ants are attacking me while I sit at the computer.

Anzac Day, Bundaberg

Anzac Day photos at Bundaberg, QLD.

The next picture is a shot of a spider cam taking photos of the march. The owner directed it by remote control. At first glance, it looked like we were being invaded by midget people from planet spider.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bus Trip

First stop on bus trip on Saturday. This is the toilet stop at Biggeden, Queensland.

Morning tea break at Ban Ban Springs. Where people are standing looking at the small waterhole is the spring where the water bubbles up out of the ground

This selection were taken at the Wondai Flower Show held just outside Wondai. There was a big area of different plant stalls, food places, and others selling different wares, and services. We spent a couple of hours walking around the area. I found a nice lady selling pain relief cream. She gave me a free thigh massage to try out her product. I was able to walk without much pain. I bought a couple of the products for a further trial.

Selection of prize winning orchids at the orchid show in a hall in the township of Wondai. This was the cheapest way to bring home a selection of prize winning plants. The room was perfumed with a combination of scents from the flowers.

We had afternoon tea here before leaving to return home. A great day had by all.