Monday, April 17, 2017


Real happy.

Having a replacement hip has helped.

I have less pain and worry. I didn't know what to expect when I had to have the operation.

I made the house ready for when I returned home. Filled the cupboards and freezers full with food so I wouldn't have to bother family and friends to help.

I now know what to expect when the next operation comes. Not sure if it will be a knee or the other hip.

I have just been to visit my GP to check my blood pressure. It was too low after the OP. Then high. I was put back on my medication. I was told I have the pressure of a twenty year old.

I have started back to my writing. I waited until the clouds cleared out of my head. While I have been resting, I searched for a publisher for my novels. I found one that sounds interesting. I made some inquiries. Sent one piece to see what I head back.

I have been clearing the weeds from the garden in between work, crocheting, writing and resting. I have only been back driving for a couple of weeks so life is slow. I am trying not to over book where people want me to go.

Its rest time. I'm going to have a little catnap.