Monday, August 1, 2016

Latest Rug

This is the latest rug I have completed. I took it over to the lady who sends them to different charities. She gives me the wool. Some is donated. Other money is raised by raffling off one of the rugs. There was some discussion on whether to raffle it because the design might bring in more money for wool.

I have started making more squares to join together to make more rugs. I have about four stacks of different sizes. When the right size has been reached I'll join them to make the rug. I might do another one of the same shape once I have finished what I'm working on. It is an easy pattern once you get started. And read the instructions. Properly.

I have been out trying to catch up on the weeds but the back and muscles began to ache. At least I got some done. I will try again tomorrow, or later today, if the clouds forming don't send down rain. In the mean time I will do writing and crocheting.

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