Monday, May 30, 2011

Hare And Friends

Sorry I have been away for about a week but I have been busy editing work to be uploaded. I have worked on about 1000 pages. Wouldn't have had to do this only the program I saved in took away letters and left boxes and question marks. Have another few novels to go and upload them to replace what is there. Following is another small story about a hare I wrote in my spare time but only got to put it on the computer.

Hare and Friends

ALICE HARE'S COAT was wet, she shivered from the chill even though she sat in the sun trying to dry herself. She was exhausted from the race to escape the water flooding her home. Tears mingled with the damp fur. Time was near for her babies to be born, and now, had no home where to keep them safe. Alice, too exhausted to move, let alone, dig a new burrow for her and her family.
Lion, on her early morning walk with her cub found Hare shivering on the ground. “Morning, Alice. Why are you out here? You should be at home.”
“I don't have one. The whole area has been flooded with water from the dam.”
“When did this happen?”
“During the night I had to run for my life.” Alice flinched in pain.
“Have you been hurt? You don't look well.”
“My time has come and I have no place to keep my babies safe.”
Lion thought what she could do to help her. Her cub laid beside Alice to protect her. “I know.” Lion let rip a loud roar to call all Alice's friends together to help. She waited until they had arrived. Explained the predicament Alice Hare found herself in.
The friends set to find objects to build a home for Hare and her family. A home was constructed of sticks, leaves, stones and bark. Soon Alice Hare was in her new residence with all her friends guarding her as she delivered her babies.
“Thank you all,” said Alice Hare.
“A friend in need is a friend in deed,” replied Lion. “You have been there when we needed help.”

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Hare and the Frog

FROG HOPPED AWAY FROM THE POND to hide in a hallow log. He thought this would be a safe place to hide from danger of being grabbed by the hawk. But he didn't realize today was the day Farmer Bent went searching for old logs to be cut up for fire wood.
Farmer Bent with his horse and wagon to load it wit logs to cut for the wood stove on which he did his cooking. He didn't see Frog hiding in the log when he tossed it into the bed of the wagon. Frog kept out of site until he felt the wagon moving. No more pieces would be thrown on the wagon, now was the time to escape.
Frog made his way from the log to the bed of the wagon being careful to watch for moving logs as the wheels jostled over the rough dirt road. When he reached the edge, Frog sprang from the moving wagon to the road, then started hopping toward his home on Mill Pond.
Hare had watched what Frog did from his hiding place beneath the overgrown Hibiscus shrub. He looked around in search of the dogs that had chased him earlier but they had given up the chase. Hare set off to see if Frog had hurt himself when he had landed. Zigzagging across the paddock Hare made his way to the road to find hopping toward Mill Pond.
“You could have been killed,” snapped Hare, when he reached the road to find Frog.
“How was I to know Farmer Bent would select that log. I stayed hidden until I felt safe to come from the log to jump.”
Hare kept beside Frog as he made his way to the pond. “What were you doing in the log in the first place? You don't usually leave your lily pad.”
“A hawk has been circling over head looking for food. I didn't want to be his meal.” Frog and Hare reached Mill Pond where Frog hopped on to his lily pad and thanked Hare for seeing him safely home. “Duck!” called Frog.
“Where?' He looked around when he'd landed from his jump down the bank to the edge of the pond. A cold breeze ruffled his fur sending a chill through Hare. “What happened?”
“Hawk swooped over you.”
“Thank you for your help.”
“That's what friend's are for,” said Frog.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Hare and the Lion

It's freezing!!! I should be in bed under the blankets. The weather was reasonable a week ago and now Winter is here. Hope it is a short cold snap. Filling in time waiting for my coach to ring to help with changes to my website. Here is another little story.

LION SAT PERCHED on the edge of a rock formation calling in a pitiful way, not the roar of hunger but the sound of loss, a heart broken call for a love one.
Hare couldn't stand the sound no longer, he had to leave his burrow beneath the rocks, the echo of
the call giving him earache, his skin covered in goosebumps for such sorrow emanating from Lion. He made his way to the mouth of his burrow, then hopped out into the sunshine but close enough to retreat if Lion chose to chase him.
'That's enough, your Highness,” called Hare. “Why are you making all this racket.”
“Who are you to speak to me in such a tone? I've never been spoken to that way before. I have a right to complain,” Lion growled.
“Mind explaining to me why you're blubbering. My head and ears are aching.”
“My cub has disappeared. I can't find her anywhere.”
“Did she move on with the other lions? She not asleep and can't … Ah! ...Scratch that thought … You can be heard for miles.”
“That's enough cheek from you. I'm a grieving mother and your complaints aren't helpful.”
“Well, your Highness, I didn't take her. I was resting before you took up calling. Why don't you go searching for her?”
Lion opened her mouth to begin calling. Hare started hopping away to escape the noise. “Hare. Stop.” He stopped.”Where are you going?”
“Searching for your little one. I may as well do that as sit here listening to you.”
“Wait for me.” Lion sprang from her position on the rocks. “Which way are you going?”
“Were did you see her last?”
“Over there near those bushes.”
“Let's go.” Hare set out zigzagging across the ground to where the cub had last been seen, Lion followed.
A loud growl stopped Hare in his tracks. There stood a rabid dog drool dripping from his jaws. Lion roared. Charged toward the dog, an ensuing battle began. Hare scampered away to look for the cub.
He found her hidden up a hallow log shivering with fright. She spat and hissed at hare. Hare joined her in her hiding place until the dog yelped one last time. Lion roared a signal all was safe. The cub followed Hare from their hideout.
Hare watched from a distance as Lion reunited with her cub. He didn't want to become their next meal.
“Come along, Hare. You don't have to worry. We'll walk you safely home. One good turn deserves another.”
Lion, her cub and Hare made their way to the rock formation. Both Lion and her cub stayed to guard Hare while he slept.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hare and the Hound

I have been busy editing some work to be uploaded. Changing from one program to another made a lot of problems so I've been busy fixing them. Also I had a problem yesterday putting work on the blog. But it is working fine tonight.

I have also been to my friend's 90th Birthday party. It was a very enjoyable lunch.

The Hare and the Hound
HOUND STOOD PROUD this was his day to shine. His owner had shampooed him, blown dried and brushed him to make his body sparkle and shine under the lights. A muzzle caged his mouth so as not to bight anyone, or be tempted to chase any animal that moved to eat them.
Hare knew he was safe while Hound was muzzled and on a lead. He loped up close to where Hound stood his eyes searching and ears twitching to be aware of danger.
“We do look magnificent tonight, Hound. You have been polished so well a flea wouldn't dare come near you.”
“How are your fleas? Breeding well by the look of your dirty, matted coat. You're so leaden down with them you won't win the race.”
“A few fleas won't hamper my chances to win every race. You may win by default though.”
“Default? I never win by default. I win on my own merit. I'm the fastest of these contenders.”
“See you at the finish line. I'll be the one waiting for you.” Hare hopped away to take his place on the rail.
Hound and his contenders were lined at the start line in their boxes, then set free to chase the mechanical hare. All the hounds in hot pursuit wanted to be the one to catch the hare. But the hare didn't trail as it usually did.
Hare had taken up his place on the mechanical one to race along the rail. He pulled faces at the hounds. Jeered at them. Laughed as the saliva dripped from their mouth already tasting the meal of hare. The finish line drew closer, the mechanical hare stopped but Hare hept moving with the hounds after him. Owners took chase of the hounds, who were eventually caught or gave up the chase.
“I win!” declared Hare, the last one left standing. Hound the last to stop the wind chase.
“It's not whether you win or loose it's how you run the race. Yo didn't win you cheated. You lost the race and your pride to win unfairly.”

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Hare and the Tortoise

THE HARE came lopping over the hill to find Tortoise slowly moving down the hill minding his own business while he searched for foliage for his lunch. Hare skidded to a stop beside Tortoise.
“Good morning to you, Tortoise. Where are you headed this fine morning?”
“Morning Hare. I'm heading to the new daisy patch. It has the sweetest tasting flowers.”
Hare with his clear vision of the scenery searched for the new daisy patch but couldn't see no changes. “Are you sure Tortoise? I can't see any new gardens.”
“I'm sure,” replied Tortoise. “I supped there last evening.”
“Then you must be traveling the wrong direction. With you slow pace you must have left the patch behind you.” Hare thought of the countryside he had passed. “I haven't seen any daisies. Are you sure you have the right century?”
“I may be aged Hare but I still have all my brain cells in place. I take my time to smell the flowers. You're always in such a hurry you didn't see the daisy patch.”
Hare scratched his head. He had first class vision due to all the carrots he'd eaten. How did he miss a field of daisies? “I believe you need to have your eyes tested,” retorted Hare.”
“Suit yourself,” grumbled Tortoise. “I know where I'm going. Did you stop to taste the choice carrots a few kilometers back down the road?”
“Carrots? I didn't see any carrots. Are you sure there were carrots? How far back did you find them?” Hare interested to find a new patch of carrots.
“Ah! Maybe two, three days back. Or was it a week. Time moves so fast when I'm enjoying my travel through the countryside. Sorry, I can't stay to talk to you I have to keep moving.” Tortoise moved forward.
Hare stood there pondering the situation. Dis he believe what Tortoise had confessed to him. His stomach grumbled at the though of fresh carrots. Hare returned the way he'd come in search for the carrots Tortoise had seen.
Tortoise happily continued on to the carrot field, had he feed of the delicious, fresh carrots then settled to rest in the shade.
Hare tired of the fruitless search so set off to catch up with Tortoise. Puffed from the chase he skidded to a stop when he found Tortoise asleep. He tapped on the shell to wake Tortoise.
Tortoise blinked then smiled. “What kept you? There's not many carrots left. They were so sweet.”
“Why did you tell me to go in the wrong direction?”
“Because there wouldn't have been any left by the time I arrived. You would have eaten the lot and I would have had to starve. At least I left some for you for when you arrived. We both share in the supply of fresh carrots. Next time remember: 'Smart and slow wind the race'.”