Friday, May 13, 2011

The Hare and the Frog

FROG HOPPED AWAY FROM THE POND to hide in a hallow log. He thought this would be a safe place to hide from danger of being grabbed by the hawk. But he didn't realize today was the day Farmer Bent went searching for old logs to be cut up for fire wood.
Farmer Bent with his horse and wagon to load it wit logs to cut for the wood stove on which he did his cooking. He didn't see Frog hiding in the log when he tossed it into the bed of the wagon. Frog kept out of site until he felt the wagon moving. No more pieces would be thrown on the wagon, now was the time to escape.
Frog made his way from the log to the bed of the wagon being careful to watch for moving logs as the wheels jostled over the rough dirt road. When he reached the edge, Frog sprang from the moving wagon to the road, then started hopping toward his home on Mill Pond.
Hare had watched what Frog did from his hiding place beneath the overgrown Hibiscus shrub. He looked around in search of the dogs that had chased him earlier but they had given up the chase. Hare set off to see if Frog had hurt himself when he had landed. Zigzagging across the paddock Hare made his way to the road to find hopping toward Mill Pond.
“You could have been killed,” snapped Hare, when he reached the road to find Frog.
“How was I to know Farmer Bent would select that log. I stayed hidden until I felt safe to come from the log to jump.”
Hare kept beside Frog as he made his way to the pond. “What were you doing in the log in the first place? You don't usually leave your lily pad.”
“A hawk has been circling over head looking for food. I didn't want to be his meal.” Frog and Hare reached Mill Pond where Frog hopped on to his lily pad and thanked Hare for seeing him safely home. “Duck!” called Frog.
“Where?' He looked around when he'd landed from his jump down the bank to the edge of the pond. A cold breeze ruffled his fur sending a chill through Hare. “What happened?”
“Hawk swooped over you.”
“Thank you for your help.”
“That's what friend's are for,” said Frog.

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