Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Hare and the Tortoise

THE HARE came lopping over the hill to find Tortoise slowly moving down the hill minding his own business while he searched for foliage for his lunch. Hare skidded to a stop beside Tortoise.
“Good morning to you, Tortoise. Where are you headed this fine morning?”
“Morning Hare. I'm heading to the new daisy patch. It has the sweetest tasting flowers.”
Hare with his clear vision of the scenery searched for the new daisy patch but couldn't see no changes. “Are you sure Tortoise? I can't see any new gardens.”
“I'm sure,” replied Tortoise. “I supped there last evening.”
“Then you must be traveling the wrong direction. With you slow pace you must have left the patch behind you.” Hare thought of the countryside he had passed. “I haven't seen any daisies. Are you sure you have the right century?”
“I may be aged Hare but I still have all my brain cells in place. I take my time to smell the flowers. You're always in such a hurry you didn't see the daisy patch.”
Hare scratched his head. He had first class vision due to all the carrots he'd eaten. How did he miss a field of daisies? “I believe you need to have your eyes tested,” retorted Hare.”
“Suit yourself,” grumbled Tortoise. “I know where I'm going. Did you stop to taste the choice carrots a few kilometers back down the road?”
“Carrots? I didn't see any carrots. Are you sure there were carrots? How far back did you find them?” Hare interested to find a new patch of carrots.
“Ah! Maybe two, three days back. Or was it a week. Time moves so fast when I'm enjoying my travel through the countryside. Sorry, I can't stay to talk to you I have to keep moving.” Tortoise moved forward.
Hare stood there pondering the situation. Dis he believe what Tortoise had confessed to him. His stomach grumbled at the though of fresh carrots. Hare returned the way he'd come in search for the carrots Tortoise had seen.
Tortoise happily continued on to the carrot field, had he feed of the delicious, fresh carrots then settled to rest in the shade.
Hare tired of the fruitless search so set off to catch up with Tortoise. Puffed from the chase he skidded to a stop when he found Tortoise asleep. He tapped on the shell to wake Tortoise.
Tortoise blinked then smiled. “What kept you? There's not many carrots left. They were so sweet.”
“Why did you tell me to go in the wrong direction?”
“Because there wouldn't have been any left by the time I arrived. You would have eaten the lot and I would have had to starve. At least I left some for you for when you arrived. We both share in the supply of fresh carrots. Next time remember: 'Smart and slow wind the race'.”

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