Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trip photos

These are some of the photos I took when I went on a bus trip a week ago. The day was suppose to be different in destination but the area we were to go to had rain. Roads were dirt and deemed unsafe to take a bus to the area we planned to see. We plan to have another attempt in another few weeks if the weather stays fine.

Or I don't get a call up to go to the hospital. I have moved up the ladder a bit. Last week I went to visit the surgeon so I am now on the operating list. Well. Three lists over the next year. Right hip. Left hip. Left knee. I may have to go through a lot of pain but at least I won't have to live with daily pain like I do now. I keep describing the pain in the knee to severe tooth ache.

I have been slowly working my way through what I should do before I can't do work. In my spell time I am either working to finish the novel; crocheting and computer work. And have food cooked and in the freezer for when I come home from hospital.

I had a rough night and am feeling tired. I did mow the last few strips of the back lawn which I didn't finish yesterday. The mower ran out of petrol. And I run out of energy. The sky is clouding over so I might have just finished in time.

A friend gave me a beautiful pineapple yesterday. The smell was ambrosia. Really sweet and juicy. I peeled it and had a slice with my meal. It was so tasty I could have polished off the lot. I hid it in the spare fridge out of sight to make it last. I have to be careful when selecting a pineapple because some have too much acid for me to eat.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Winter bug struck

The winter bug caught up with me. I thought I was going to be free on a cold. When I have the flu needle, I'm usually sick all the time until it wear out of the system. A few weeks ago I went down. I blame all the nightly wee walks. Getting out of a warm bed to go to the toilet.

But some good came out of this problem. Not being well enough to do too much work, I sat to do some crocheting. And writing. I placed the notebook on the table. The wool on the other side. I found doing a boring pattern where I don't have to concentrate, the words flowed.

The top rug I only had to join the squares together. Another member of the group made them. I did the last couple of rows to join them to make the rug.

The next four I did from scratch. I just mixed the colors together. Everyone was surprised I'd finished all this work over three weeks. The lady gave me more wool. This time I have a variety of colors. I have to start building the squares. I don't know how much I'll get done over the next couple of weeks because I have to catch up on my house work. Gardening. If it isn't chilly or wet. I have to find all my clothes and medical records, to pack, because I have to go away to visit the heart specialist.

I also wrote close to 10,000 words to move my novel along. I wrote by hand then transferred it to my computer.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Latest Rug

This is the latest rug I have completed. I took it over to the lady who sends them to different charities. She gives me the wool. Some is donated. Other money is raised by raffling off one of the rugs. There was some discussion on whether to raffle it because the design might bring in more money for wool.

I have started making more squares to join together to make more rugs. I have about four stacks of different sizes. When the right size has been reached I'll join them to make the rug. I might do another one of the same shape once I have finished what I'm working on. It is an easy pattern once you get started. And read the instructions. Properly.

I have been out trying to catch up on the weeds but the back and muscles began to ache. At least I got some done. I will try again tomorrow, or later today, if the clouds forming don't send down rain. In the mean time I will do writing and crocheting.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


These are a few of the rugs I have been crocheting to be given to those in need. I am with a group who do this. I don't go to the place where they get together. I work at my own pace at home in between doing my work and writing.

My lounge and kitchen, is usually the place where I work. I have rugs at different stages. I have a notebook beside me to work on my stories. I find crocheting clears the mind and helps me to think. Especially if I don't have to concentrate on the pattern. I stop crocheting when I need to add more to the story. At least, I seem to get more done in a day that way. I also break this with doing my housework. Which means. The sheets should be dry for me to go make up the bed.

With a bit of action I might be able to warm up the body.