Monday, April 13, 2015

Ah. My aching back

I' been out putting my Desert Roses into bigger pots. Putting seedling into the smaller ones. I was pleased when the bags of potting mix were empty. Some plants were becoming root bound. I still have a few more to do.

I had planned to try to catch up on some other jobs but the sun has gone under making the day cloudy and cool. Plus the aching back put an end to more work. My body had reached the pain level telling me to quit.

Following are a few photos I took at Pelican Waters over Easter. I took about 300 over five days. I have been busy uploading them to where they have to go. And writing my stories for the month.

I will have past stories to complete shortly. I finally found someone to retrieve lost work from the mother board of the computer which died a couple of years ago.