Monday, June 13, 2011

Hare And The Dog

Dog lay in the shade beside the shed. He went there to hide because his master wasn't in a good mood. After a lot of shouting and stomping around his office, an object came flying out of the window to land on the ground near Dog. Sniffing to be sure it wasn't dangerous, he picked it up and carried it toward the shed. Placing the item on the ground, Dog lay on the ground with it between his paws. He lay his head on it.
Hare loped across the paddock in search of Dog to go play near the creek. Dog wasn't waiting so he came to the house to find him.
“Hi, Dog! Why aren't you down at the creek?”
Dog lifted one floppy ear from over his eye. “Is it that time already?”
“What's wrong Dog? Are you sick? Since when have you used a pillow? It looks hard.”
“It's not a pillow. This is a modem. The master tossed it away.”
“So, why are you using it for a pillow?”
Dog lifted his head at the sound of footsteps heading his way. “Let's go.” Dog grabbed the modem and raced toward the creek wit Hare beside him.
“Dog! Bring that back. I need it. It wasn't broken,” called his Master.
“Don't listen,” grumbled Dog. “It's a trick.”
“But he said it wasn't broken.”
Dog stopped. Crunched down on the modem a few times then dropped it to the ground. “It broke when it landed.”
“Why did you do that?” Hare surprised at what Dog had done.
“He shouldn't have thrown it out if it wasn't broken. Next time he'll think before he throws items out the window. Waste not. Want not. Is the lesson of the day.


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