Sunday, July 11, 2010

Children's Story

Callie's New Friend.
A long, long time ago Captain Bellamay Forsyth sailed the seven seas in his tall ship known as the Falcon Flyer. Captain Forsyth's ship carried cargo across different seas. He and his crew travelled to many different countries.

On the last trip the priate ship the Black Skull came upon the Falcon Flyer when the wind had stilled. Both ships had been becalmed waiting for the wind to blow life back into the sails.

During the night a strong wind began to blow catching the sails of the Black skull first pushing it toward the Falcon Flyer. The Black Skull was within sight of the Falcon Flyer before the wind finally reached the sails of the Falcon Flyer.

The pirates on the Black Skull had worked hard to have all the cannons primed ready to fire once they were within firing range of the Falcon Flyer. A thick mist, which the wind had pushed ahead of the storm had helped to hide the approach of the Black Skull.

'Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!' cried the sailor on watch in the crow's nest at the top of the mast. 'Black Skull coming in fast.'

Sailors quickly scurried up the rigging to unfurl more sails to catch the wind. Captain Forsyth spun the wheel to change course to try to out run the Black Skull.

Cannon balls blasted through the mist to explode in the sea a few feet short of their target. A cannon ball exploded on the deck of the Falcon Flyer. Captain Forsyth kept maneuvering the ship to save his ship from sinking, as he faught to escape from the Black Skull.

The sailors on he Falcon Flyer sent a couple of cannon balls into the mist. Rain fell heavily making the deck slippery and the target invisible.

Billowing winds caight the unfurled sails to send the Falcon Flyer speeding across the now boiling sea. Giant waves battered the deck, Torrents of water washed sailors every which way. Sailors were washed overboard. Barrels of water and cargo rolled forward and backwayd before being toppled over the side of the ship into the sea, with the next towering wave to explode down on the ship.

The cannons had been silenced so now the sailors could help to save their ship from sinking to the bottom of the sea. The Falcon Flyer rocked, and rolled, over the waves blinded to the direction the wind blew the ship. The sailors on watch could not see any land formations, or other ships, in the darkness which surrounded them.

The fury of the storm carried the Falcon Flyer way off course. Each available sailor worked hard to keep the ship afloat.

Near the end of the cyclonic storm the wind lifted the ship from the sea to send it crashing down on solid ground. The hull cracked as the ship came down to its final resting place. Never again to sail the seven seas.

(To be continued)

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