Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pays for her crimes.

Mary: Sue. What're you doing?
Sue: Nothing.
Mary: What do you mean? Nothing.
Sue: You're not here to boss me around.
Mary: I never. Boss. I politely ask you.
Sue: I'm not listening. Da-dee-da. I'm going to be free.
Mary: Cut that out. You know singing isn't allowed.
Sue: You can't stop me. You're not here. So leave me alone.
Mary: Have you finished the work on the list?
Sue: No. I don't intend to do it. (Turns up the music.) I can't hear you. Leave me alone.
Mary: Back to the cellar you go when I get home.
Sue: You can try to make me. I'm never going back in there.
Mary: You will do as you are told. You know what happens when you are naughty.
Sue: I'm never naughty. You just don't want me to have any fun.
Mary: You know what happened the last time you went searching for fun.
Sue: You never let me forget. You witch. You did a bad thing. (Begins to sob.)
Mary: Stop that snivelling. You know I did what was right for you.
Sue: You did what was right for you. You dried up old prune.
Mary: Sue. I'm warning you.
Sue: You never had a man's love. Like I had. No man wanted a sourpuss. A demanding dragon.
Mary: So that's what you think of me. You will pay for those insults when I arrive home.
Sue: (Laughed. She'd done it. The sheet rope was long enough.)
Mary: Who is there with you?
Sue: I don't have to tell you anything any more. I'm out of here.
Mary: (Hears the sound of breaking glass.)
Sue. What have you broken? Do you have on your shoes?
Sue: Bye. Mary. I'm free of you vice grip over me. I'm going to tell. Mother.
(The voice fades away.)
Mary: (Panics. Shouts )
Sue. What have you done?
(She arrived home to find Sue's broken body on the ground covered with knotted sheets.)
Mary: (Has time to remember her sins against her sister, and her baby. She waits to die in jail.)

Do not take this as a true story. This was a part of an exercise I had to do for my writing group.