Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pays for her crimes.

Mary: Sue. What're you doing?
Sue: Nothing.
Mary: What do you mean? Nothing.
Sue: You're not here to boss me around.
Mary: I never. Boss. I politely ask you.
Sue: I'm not listening. Da-dee-da. I'm going to be free.
Mary: Cut that out. You know singing isn't allowed.
Sue: You can't stop me. You're not here. So leave me alone.
Mary: Have you finished the work on the list?
Sue: No. I don't intend to do it. (Turns up the music.) I can't hear you. Leave me alone.
Mary: Back to the cellar you go when I get home.
Sue: You can try to make me. I'm never going back in there.
Mary: You will do as you are told. You know what happens when you are naughty.
Sue: I'm never naughty. You just don't want me to have any fun.
Mary: You know what happened the last time you went searching for fun.
Sue: You never let me forget. You witch. You did a bad thing. (Begins to sob.)
Mary: Stop that snivelling. You know I did what was right for you.
Sue: You did what was right for you. You dried up old prune.
Mary: Sue. I'm warning you.
Sue: You never had a man's love. Like I had. No man wanted a sourpuss. A demanding dragon.
Mary: So that's what you think of me. You will pay for those insults when I arrive home.
Sue: (Laughed. She'd done it. The sheet rope was long enough.)
Mary: Who is there with you?
Sue: I don't have to tell you anything any more. I'm out of here.
Mary: (Hears the sound of breaking glass.)
Sue. What have you broken? Do you have on your shoes?
Sue: Bye. Mary. I'm free of you vice grip over me. I'm going to tell. Mother.
(The voice fades away.)
Mary: (Panics. Shouts )
Sue. What have you done?
(She arrived home to find Sue's broken body on the ground covered with knotted sheets.)
Mary: (Has time to remember her sins against her sister, and her baby. She waits to die in jail.)

Do not take this as a true story. This was a part of an exercise I had to do for my writing group.   

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I left the screen door - open.

I captured the invader on camera.
I went out to do some weeding in the garden. The weather wasn't so cold out in the sun with no breeze blowing down the street.
I came in for the bucket, and mop, to wash some dust off of the car.
A fluttering movement in the lounge room caught my eye. There he sat on the photos. The Butcher Bird had let himself into the house looking for someone to feed him. Or her.
I grabbed my camera from the table to take a photo. Then I had to encourage him outside with food before it pooed, or knocked down some of the breakables.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dragon Fruit

The farmer also grows Dragon fruit. The way they are grown was interesting to see. Dragon fruit is suppose to be full of Vitamin C. The inside is different. Some are white flesh with poppy seed size black seeds. He had other which were red, and yellow, inside. They are grown on a cactus plant.

He had a few cows.

And he showed us a prickly weed. Can't remember the name but it is full of large spokes. It gets a little ball on the stem which is full of prickles. The plant is very hard to get rid of. The tap root grows to over a metre into the ground. It is spread on the wind once the ball opens. Or dropped in the animal manure.

Once I have set this to upload, I'm headed outside to find some heat from the sun. The house is freezing. The muscles are aching. I need a warmer place to work. That way. I might get more work done. I suppose, if I had a laptop, I'd be able to follow the movement of the sun around the yard, unless the breeze was sneaking around the corners.


Last week, I went on a trip to an Alpacas farm.

There were 22 of us on the bus. We left here around eight for the long drive out into the hilly country to reach the farm.

The owner had set up a tent, tables, and chairs, for us to have morning tea there once we had visit with all the Alpacas. He talked about them, and the wool they produce. The awards he's recent'y one at his last showing of the animals. We were allowed to pat them.

The first question I was asked when I said where I'd been was, "Did they spit at you?"

No. The animals were very well behaved. The owner treated them like family members.

A little black one was born three days before we arrived.