Saturday, August 20, 2016

Winter bug struck

The winter bug caught up with me. I thought I was going to be free on a cold. When I have the flu needle, I'm usually sick all the time until it wear out of the system. A few weeks ago I went down. I blame all the nightly wee walks. Getting out of a warm bed to go to the toilet.

But some good came out of this problem. Not being well enough to do too much work, I sat to do some crocheting. And writing. I placed the notebook on the table. The wool on the other side. I found doing a boring pattern where I don't have to concentrate, the words flowed.

The top rug I only had to join the squares together. Another member of the group made them. I did the last couple of rows to join them to make the rug.

The next four I did from scratch. I just mixed the colors together. Everyone was surprised I'd finished all this work over three weeks. The lady gave me more wool. This time I have a variety of colors. I have to start building the squares. I don't know how much I'll get done over the next couple of weeks because I have to catch up on my house work. Gardening. If it isn't chilly or wet. I have to find all my clothes and medical records, to pack, because I have to go away to visit the heart specialist.

I also wrote close to 10,000 words to move my novel along. I wrote by hand then transferred it to my computer.

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