Monday, May 30, 2011

Hare And Friends

Sorry I have been away for about a week but I have been busy editing work to be uploaded. I have worked on about 1000 pages. Wouldn't have had to do this only the program I saved in took away letters and left boxes and question marks. Have another few novels to go and upload them to replace what is there. Following is another small story about a hare I wrote in my spare time but only got to put it on the computer.

Hare and Friends

ALICE HARE'S COAT was wet, she shivered from the chill even though she sat in the sun trying to dry herself. She was exhausted from the race to escape the water flooding her home. Tears mingled with the damp fur. Time was near for her babies to be born, and now, had no home where to keep them safe. Alice, too exhausted to move, let alone, dig a new burrow for her and her family.
Lion, on her early morning walk with her cub found Hare shivering on the ground. “Morning, Alice. Why are you out here? You should be at home.”
“I don't have one. The whole area has been flooded with water from the dam.”
“When did this happen?”
“During the night I had to run for my life.” Alice flinched in pain.
“Have you been hurt? You don't look well.”
“My time has come and I have no place to keep my babies safe.”
Lion thought what she could do to help her. Her cub laid beside Alice to protect her. “I know.” Lion let rip a loud roar to call all Alice's friends together to help. She waited until they had arrived. Explained the predicament Alice Hare found herself in.
The friends set to find objects to build a home for Hare and her family. A home was constructed of sticks, leaves, stones and bark. Soon Alice Hare was in her new residence with all her friends guarding her as she delivered her babies.
“Thank you all,” said Alice Hare.
“A friend in need is a friend in deed,” replied Lion. “You have been there when we needed help.”

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