Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dragon Fruit

The farmer also grows Dragon fruit. The way they are grown was interesting to see. Dragon fruit is suppose to be full of Vitamin C. The inside is different. Some are white flesh with poppy seed size black seeds. He had other which were red, and yellow, inside. They are grown on a cactus plant.

He had a few cows.

And he showed us a prickly weed. Can't remember the name but it is full of large spokes. It gets a little ball on the stem which is full of prickles. The plant is very hard to get rid of. The tap root grows to over a metre into the ground. It is spread on the wind once the ball opens. Or dropped in the animal manure.

Once I have set this to upload, I'm headed outside to find some heat from the sun. The house is freezing. The muscles are aching. I need a warmer place to work. That way. I might get more work done. I suppose, if I had a laptop, I'd be able to follow the movement of the sun around the yard, unless the breeze was sneaking around the corners.

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