Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Hare and the Lion

It's freezing!!! I should be in bed under the blankets. The weather was reasonable a week ago and now Winter is here. Hope it is a short cold snap. Filling in time waiting for my coach to ring to help with changes to my website. Here is another little story.

LION SAT PERCHED on the edge of a rock formation calling in a pitiful way, not the roar of hunger but the sound of loss, a heart broken call for a love one.
Hare couldn't stand the sound no longer, he had to leave his burrow beneath the rocks, the echo of
the call giving him earache, his skin covered in goosebumps for such sorrow emanating from Lion. He made his way to the mouth of his burrow, then hopped out into the sunshine but close enough to retreat if Lion chose to chase him.
'That's enough, your Highness,” called Hare. “Why are you making all this racket.”
“Who are you to speak to me in such a tone? I've never been spoken to that way before. I have a right to complain,” Lion growled.
“Mind explaining to me why you're blubbering. My head and ears are aching.”
“My cub has disappeared. I can't find her anywhere.”
“Did she move on with the other lions? She not asleep and can't … Ah! ...Scratch that thought … You can be heard for miles.”
“That's enough cheek from you. I'm a grieving mother and your complaints aren't helpful.”
“Well, your Highness, I didn't take her. I was resting before you took up calling. Why don't you go searching for her?”
Lion opened her mouth to begin calling. Hare started hopping away to escape the noise. “Hare. Stop.” He stopped.”Where are you going?”
“Searching for your little one. I may as well do that as sit here listening to you.”
“Wait for me.” Lion sprang from her position on the rocks. “Which way are you going?”
“Were did you see her last?”
“Over there near those bushes.”
“Let's go.” Hare set out zigzagging across the ground to where the cub had last been seen, Lion followed.
A loud growl stopped Hare in his tracks. There stood a rabid dog drool dripping from his jaws. Lion roared. Charged toward the dog, an ensuing battle began. Hare scampered away to look for the cub.
He found her hidden up a hallow log shivering with fright. She spat and hissed at hare. Hare joined her in her hiding place until the dog yelped one last time. Lion roared a signal all was safe. The cub followed Hare from their hideout.
Hare watched from a distance as Lion reunited with her cub. He didn't want to become their next meal.
“Come along, Hare. You don't have to worry. We'll walk you safely home. One good turn deserves another.”
Lion, her cub and Hare made their way to the rock formation. Both Lion and her cub stayed to guard Hare while he slept.

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