Sunday, July 24, 2016


These are a few of the rugs I have been crocheting to be given to those in need. I am with a group who do this. I don't go to the place where they get together. I work at my own pace at home in between doing my work and writing.

My lounge and kitchen, is usually the place where I work. I have rugs at different stages. I have a notebook beside me to work on my stories. I find crocheting clears the mind and helps me to think. Especially if I don't have to concentrate on the pattern. I stop crocheting when I need to add more to the story. At least, I seem to get more done in a day that way. I also break this with doing my housework. Which means. The sheets should be dry for me to go make up the bed.

With a bit of action I might be able to warm up the body.

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