Sunday, July 25, 2010

Children's Story

Callie's New Friend (Cont.) Been sick.
'You have a problem, Captain. I'd say you're a ghost,' came Callie's shocked expression of sympathy.

'A what. How can I be a ghost? You can see me.' Captain Forsyth began to feel over his body but his hands kept disappearing.

The Captain and Callie sat n the ground near the bell stand to discuss what options he had. Callie had lost All her previous interest in the wrecked ship for the time being. She thought walking to a ghost captain more interesting.

'Why aren't you down at the wreck?' yelled Callie's friend, Jamie Pool, as he rushed past doing up the buttons on his shirt.

'I'm talking to a new friend,' replied Callie, without thinking.

Jamie stopped running to stare at Callie. He could no see anyone sitting near Callie. 'Who are you talking to?' A puzzled frown creased his forehead.

'The Cap...' Captain Forsyth put finger to his lips to warn her not to explain. 'I'm waiting for Kathy,' Callie changed her story, thinking fast so her Friend would not think she has lost her mind. Not wanting him to know she was talking to a ghost. All her friends would laugh at her. She would be the joke of the day.

Everyone would be saying, 'Poor Callie. She's lost he marbles. Thinks she can talk to ghosts.'

Captain Forsyth watched all the citizens of the town climb all over his wrecked ship. Watched them unload his cargo to the ground as others searched for sailors who may have survived. The search was a fruitless one because the sailors were no where to be found. The ship was a ghost ship, which appeared out of the dark, stormy night, to land on the beach of Western Bay.

'What will happen to my beautiful ship?' a sad Captain Forsyth asked. 'Will they scrap it? Or burn it?'

'Don't know. Looks good where it is. The town citizens will decide,' sighed Callie, now wishing for a closer look at the ship. She didn't want to run away from her new, sad friend.

'Why are you still here, Captain? Why didn't you leave when your crew did?'

'Search me. Maybe I have work to do first. Maybe in one life I was a bad captain and I have to atone for my sins.'

'You going to live on the ship? I mean stay,' Callie corrected her mistake.

'Don't know. I will probably have to wing it. Never been a ghost before.'

Callie decided it was time for action. She stood. Undecided, whether to go home to change out of her night clothes, or hurry down to the wrecked ship to help. Home would be good. Callie started walking away from Captain Forsyth.

'Where are you going?' Captain Forsyth sprang to his feet.

'Going home. I have to change my clothes.'

'What about me?'

'No one can see what you're wearing,' Callie laughed. 'Go wait for me on the ship.'

Callie raced down the street to her home. She quickly changed her clothes. Put runners on her feet before running down the stairs to the kitchen to have a drink, then grabbed n apple from the bowl on the cupboard.

Arriving back at the beach Callie made her way toward the wreck. She went toward the ladder to climb on board the ship.

'I wouldn't go up there, Callie,' her father told her, as he grabbed her arm to stop her climbing up the ladder. 'You might get hurt.'

'Everyone else has been on the ship. Why can't I?' Callie couldn't believe she was being denied the privilege of climbing up on to the ship.

'Ahhh! That was before...unexplained things began to happen,' explained her father.

Callie looked around to see the citizens of Western Bay standing around staring at the ship. They were telling each other what had happened to them. Things, which moved on their own. Anyone who had tried to enter the Captain's cabin were thrown out.

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