Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time to laugh.

This is a story about a frog.

Frog With Attitude
As far as frigs go I thought they wew docile creatures, who croaked and jumped out at you, if you surprised them in the dark of night. To wet on you as you pass. Frogs ar not one of my favourite creatures.
Are still not my favourite creatures. But is seems some frogs have a character, and a spoilt child mentakity, chuck a spac-a-tac when something happens to them I met one such frog - by accident. An accident it was because I didn't know he was there.
The wheelie bin had to be taken out to the footpath to be emptied the next day. I spun the bin around from the wall. Then came the loudest ruckus. Looked around to see what, or who, had been hurt because I had moved the bin. A puddle of wet spread out from beneath the bin. I tipped the bin back and walked backward to fnd what made so much noise.
There I found a small frog, puffed up, making the high pitched sound of a baby bird, hopping up, and down, on the spot. It was trying to decide whether to hop toward the bin, or retreat to find a safer home.
'Don't yell at me,' I told the frog. 'I didn't know you were there.' But the frog kept up his temper tantrum.
I moved the bin further away from the frog. It turned to hop away but quickly turned back to face me when I stopped the movement of the bin, still complaining about its treatment.
'Don't think about it, you spoiled brat. Shut up! You're making so much noise someone will come looking to see who is being hurt.' I smiled at the antics, and noise, from such a small creature. Frogs are suppose to croak, or sing, not sound like a hungry bird.
I walked away with the bins leaving him behind cursing me for taking away his hideout, and running over some part of him. He was still complaining when I walked inside and closed the shed.

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