Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hare and the Hound

I have been busy editing some work to be uploaded. Changing from one program to another made a lot of problems so I've been busy fixing them. Also I had a problem yesterday putting work on the blog. But it is working fine tonight.

I have also been to my friend's 90th Birthday party. It was a very enjoyable lunch.

The Hare and the Hound
HOUND STOOD PROUD this was his day to shine. His owner had shampooed him, blown dried and brushed him to make his body sparkle and shine under the lights. A muzzle caged his mouth so as not to bight anyone, or be tempted to chase any animal that moved to eat them.
Hare knew he was safe while Hound was muzzled and on a lead. He loped up close to where Hound stood his eyes searching and ears twitching to be aware of danger.
“We do look magnificent tonight, Hound. You have been polished so well a flea wouldn't dare come near you.”
“How are your fleas? Breeding well by the look of your dirty, matted coat. You're so leaden down with them you won't win the race.”
“A few fleas won't hamper my chances to win every race. You may win by default though.”
“Default? I never win by default. I win on my own merit. I'm the fastest of these contenders.”
“See you at the finish line. I'll be the one waiting for you.” Hare hopped away to take his place on the rail.
Hound and his contenders were lined at the start line in their boxes, then set free to chase the mechanical hare. All the hounds in hot pursuit wanted to be the one to catch the hare. But the hare didn't trail as it usually did.
Hare had taken up his place on the mechanical one to race along the rail. He pulled faces at the hounds. Jeered at them. Laughed as the saliva dripped from their mouth already tasting the meal of hare. The finish line drew closer, the mechanical hare stopped but Hare hept moving with the hounds after him. Owners took chase of the hounds, who were eventually caught or gave up the chase.
“I win!” declared Hare, the last one left standing. Hound the last to stop the wind chase.
“It's not whether you win or loose it's how you run the race. Yo didn't win you cheated. You lost the race and your pride to win unfairly.”

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